Fully-Engaging, Full-Motion Video

Unlike slide show videos that use still frame photos, Full Motion "Real" Video provides a superior customer experience and captures your customers' attention allowing you to show off your inventory in a full motion walk-around video.

No software to download, completely web-based

Our video creator makes it easy and quick to get your videos on the web. If "time is money", then our video creator tool pays for itself many times over. All you need to do is shoot a one to two minute video and our web-based video creator does the rest. Your completed video will have your intro and exit branding clips, background music and real human voice-over listing your vehicle's ACTUAL equipment and features (not VIN-decoded options). Your video then appears on your website and YouTube, all within a few minutes dramatically reducing your vehicle's Time to Market.


Your videos are hosted on our dynamic video player, which is embedded right on the VDP! The dynamic player hosts additional videos available to your customers based on the vehicle they are interested in. Examples include: a third-party review video, CPO benefits video, management introduction videos, "why buy here" videos, customer testimonials, etc.

"Real" videos made easy!

  • Videos displayed prominently on the VDP and SRP.
  • Mobile Optimized.
  • Nationwide video delivery network (CDN).
  • Automatically uploaded to YouTube.
  • No software to download, completely web-based.
  • Full setup and support.
  • Syndicated to web partners.
  • Easily integrated into your current process for shooting photos.
  • Track performance on Google Analytics
  • Get a demo today and see why no one does video better!
(Sample player in VDP)

It's not a matter of IF you will do Full Motion Video... but when.


Photoshop Processing brands your dealership

Showcase your vehicles on the background of your choice. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a photo booth and taking up your valuable time and real estate, your VIRTUAL photo booth accomplishes your marketing goals with no upfront investment and your continuing cost is dramatically less.


Manage your inventory from anywhere

Our Inventory Management system lets you control your inventory in an easy to use web tool. We can import and export your vehicle data to any of our web partners.

Data Distribution

Window Labels

Choose your option

Our custom Window Labels are designed to your specifications. Wide formats are available that incorporate the label and Buyer's Guide into one easy to install label.

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Are you a lot services provider? Whether you've been in business for years or thinking about getting started, we can provide you with the most cutting edge software that will give your customers features that none of your competitors will have while at the same time increasing your productivity so you can stay competitive in this increasingly crowded market. We have invested well over a million dollars into our software over the years because we know that keeping up with the latest technology is the only way to last in this business.

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  • Over 18 years in business servicing hundreds of dealers
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  • Over 20 photographers/videographers in the field every day
  • Over 5,000 photos shot, processed and exported each day

Are you tired of hearing “we can't do that”?

So will your customers if the software you are using is not on the cutting edge.

VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! This truly is the future. In just a few short years, we predict that a Full Motion, Real video will take the place of still photos as the first media a dealer steers their customers to. If we are correct, there will be a huge market for Lot Service Providers to shoot video. Our revenue has increased 40% since launching our Full Motion Video. We have seen nothing that compares to the technology and functionality that we have built into our video platform that has been four years in the making.

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